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Maternal Mental Health
Erin Hill, LMHC

Coping with Miscarriage and Infant Loss

At the time, we were living in Oregon, which was far away from our families in Iowa. I felt very alone in my grief and lost and unsure of how to manage my range of emotions as I coped with the loss.

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StrengthenU patient using app
Mental Health Awareness
Covenant Family Solutions

CFS is Partnering with the Make It OK Campaign to Reduce the Stigma of Mental Illness in Iowa

“We are excited about this new partnership with Covenant Family Solutions,” said Iowa Healthiest State Initiative Executive Director Jami Haberl. “The ability to support the extension of mental health services through the StrengthenU platform to our rural areas who may otherwise have difficulty accessing mental health care has the potential to be lifesaving.”

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Redefining Success
Jessica Pladsen, MA, LMFT, RPT

How to Redefine Success

We don’t start and stop living based solely on completing an accomplishment. These are milestones that are a reflection of your hard work and dedication, but you are so much more than just the things you do.

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Child Abuse
Children and Mental Health
Allie Rieken, TLMHC, TCADC

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Children, by nature, are very vulnerable. Therefore, they are very reliant on the adults in their lives to help them. This makes them more susceptible to abuse.

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Make changes
Mental Health Awareness
Miranda Peyton, LMSW, MT-BC

How to Make Changes and Improve Your Well-being

Shaming yourself can easily bring you back to seeking comfort and familiarity by indulging in the very thing you are trying to change. Allow yourself grace, but try not to justify your behaviors at the same time.

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Increasing Emotional Availability
Men's Mental Health
Nicholas D'Amico, MA, LMFT

How to Increase Your Emotional Availability

Getting to the point where you can consistently be emotionally available for your partner can be a difficult path and there is much that goes into it. One of the most important ingredients is self-esteem. It is hard and painfully difficult to let someone else inside the castle walls if we don’t like what is in there.

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Being Mindful
Ali Sheahan, MA, TLMHC

Why You Should Stay Mindful in a Busy World

When I finally allowed myself to try being present in the here and now, I saw the benefits firsthand. Without labeling my state of being as good or bad, I found moments of peace. I realized there is a lot of beauty and growth in the present moment. For example, noticing the way the breeze feels or how the grass smells. Similarly, I found that stillness and peace can provide insight and drive progress.

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Charlie White, LMHC

What You Need to Know About Self-Harm

When people are faced with intense mental distress, the result can be hard to predict. In some cases, emotional suffering can lead to self-harm. One common example of this is cutting. It is important to note that self-harming is distinct from attempting suicide, or even feeling suicidal.

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Mental Health Awareness
Lindsey Piper, LISW

How to Understand and Treat Dissociative Identity Disorder

When trauma happens, especially to a child, it is natural for them to envision it as happening to someone else. This is where dissociation comes in. The brain learns that when there is a negative feeling, thought, or event, it can cope by creating distance. Individuals with DID use this emotional and physical distance to get through traumatic experiences.

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Children and Mental Health
Amber Bennett, LMHC, RPT

How to Understand and Treat Autism

Research shows that early intervention can help tremendously. For instance, it improves learning, communication, and social skills. Individualized treatment is necessary to help each person’s specific needs. For instance, behavioral interventions, speech therapies, occupational therapies, medication, or a combination of methods may be needed.

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