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Helping Kids Cope with COVID-19
Jessica Pladsen, MA, LMFT, RPT

Helping Young Kids Cope with COVID-19

Check in with your children and ask them how they are doing. Children often show us through behaviors, rather than words, when they are struggling. While this can range from isolating behaviors to acting out, children may just be feeling more anxious. Try to find a quiet time to connect one-on-one and ask how your child is doing and what they might need.

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Teletherapy and Telehealth
Lauren Wood, MA, LMFT

Is Telehealth right for me?

Telehealth is extremely convenient and may help patients to feel private and more comfortable in sessions. Hooray, no more awkward feelings about bumping into your neighbor in the waiting room! Telehealth also allows patients in rural and underserved areas to see a provider without an hour or more drive.

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Recharge throughout the day
Stress Relief
Elizabeth Finley, LMFT

Recharge throughout the day

Daily life can be a struggle, especially when our brain does not get a break. Day-to-day life is frequently filled with never ending lists (which may or may not get written down and crossed off), as well as perfectly timing and prioritizing those lists, and all those other little essential and non-essential things we think about on a daily basis.

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