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Covenant Family Solutions specializes in helping businesses be more productive through innovative and exceptional training and consulting services. We serve businesses and organizations of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

One in five people will suffer from a mental health issue at some point in their life. Yet, mental health remains one of the most misunderstood healthcare topics — especially in the workplace. By working with us to build a culture and develop resources to promote mental wellness in your organization, you will see an increase in employee retention and reduced absenteeism.


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Conflict Resolution & Workplace Intervention

Our mission is to help make your organization by strengthening the lives of the individuals who work there. We offer a diverse menu of resources to fit the needs of all companies and the unique needs of their employees. The following is an overview of our various services.

Mental Health Assessment and Analysis

A Mental Health Assessment and Analysis is foundational to determining the current state of your organization’s mental health. Covenant Family Solutions will deliver a company-wide online assessment to help you clearly understand the current mental wellness state of your organization. Your key stakeholders will receive a robust, comprehensive report with recommendations specific to your organization that has been analyzed by our team of experienced, licensed therapists.

Follow-up Assessments and Analysis

Companies and organizations do not stay the same forever and neither does the mental health of their workforce. Scheduled follow-up assessments compare and contrast against the baseline results established in the initial assessment. By tracking gains and losses, we can better guide your organization towards a successful and productive trajectory.

Critical Incident and Crisis Response SOLUTIONS

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing is a confidential service using trained facilitators to help employees manage stress reactions to work related incidents occurring on or off-premises. This service can be accessed for situations such as an employee death, robbery, natural disaster, terminal illness, and on-site or off-site employee injuries just to name a few.

Organization Transition Solutions

For organizations experiencing major shift in their culture or workforce — through downsizing or layoffs, company reorganizations, mergers, or new leadership — we offer consulting services to help guide the transition. Major changes inevitably lead to stress and anxiety for employees resulting in reduced productivity and unwanted turnover. Rather than reacting to the loss of valued employees, why not be proactive in supporting them through the changes.

Executive Mentorship

Great leaders motivate and inspire great employees and positive workplace culture. We offer 1:1 executive leadership mentoring with a mindset that prioritizes the organization’s mental health.

Workplace Mental Wellness Workshops

How can any organization expect to be a leader in creating a supportive mental health culture without the tools to make it happen? It’s simple, they can’t. Leader/management focused, all-employee, and/or other custom interactive, learning opportunities. Our team of licensed mental health professionals are able to customize workshops and presentations to fit your organization and workplace culture. 

General Mental Health Consulting

As-needed, custom consulting solutions based on the unique needs of an organization)Support or coaching is available for managers dealing with behavioral issues in the workplace including depression, anxiety and addictions.

Mental Health Brand Management

Consulting organizations around the mental wellness marketing both internally and externally.

Self-Help Mental Health Courses

Receive an all-access pass to our growing library of self-guided online mental health courses for your employees and their families. The courses cover everything from depression and anxiety to mindfulness and learning how to support mental health needs in the workplace. 

Comprehensive Consulting Package

In-person interviews to support the online assessment, CFS-lead workshops to develop the new mental wellness policy, blueprint the strategy, and see through the execution of the strategy)

EAP Programs

EAP programs vary company-to-company. Some are on a capitated model, while others prefer a fee-for-session agreement. This would get fleshed out in a consultative conversation with the prospective client and packaged up at that point.