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Covenant Family Solutions, PLC maintains standard procedures for patients to resolve complaints. CFS is dedicated to providing the best possible care and ensuring satisfaction with how concerns are addressed in a fair and standard manner.

Covenant Family Solutions

Step 1: Report

Patients are encouraged to address concerns and grievances with their provider as soon as possible after an issue arises. Often when handled this way the concern can be handled immediately in the therapeutic relationship. However, if a patient is unsatisfied with the outcome of this first effort or feels it would be best addressed with another member of the CFS team, patients should contact Human Resources via phone or written email/document. The HR Representative for Covenant Family Solutions, PLC is Christine Topping and she can be reached at via email or phone at 319-200-5119.

Step 2: Review

Upon receipt of a complaint CFS management staff will handle grievances consistently and in a timely manner. The CFS management team has 72 hours to speak with appropriate parties, consider any ethical concerns and/or legal considerations, and identify how the grievance will be resolved.

CFS will keep in mind what is best for the patient in the grievance situation. Depending on the outcome of the review process, the patient may be transferred to a new therapist within the practice, be provided an outside referral, or have a meeting with both therapist and patient. The outcome may also lead to remediation for the provider named in the complaint.

Step 3: Resolution

If a grievance is filled it will be placed in the employees file along with additional notes or other information gathered. Within the 72 hours a member of the CFS management team will contact the patient to discuss ways to handle the grievance and provide a copy of the decision and written account of how the CFS management team addressed the grievance.

Patients have an option to appeal the grievance within five business days of receipt of the written decision. The appeal with be submitted to the COO and CEO for review to either uphold or overturn the original decision made by management team, and any alternative protocol for addressing the patient’s concerns will be outlined and provided to patient within 10 business days.