Nichole Herold

Medical Assistant


Nichole Herold is a Medical Assistant at our Cedar Falls office. She has prior experience working as a medical assistant doing vaccinations, urinalyses, and physicals.

Mental Health Matters

Nichole has seen the impacts of depression firsthand, as she has learned to manage and navigate her own symptoms. For this reason, she knows that it’s important to stop the stigma surrounding mental health, as it is just as important as physical health. She is grateful to work in a setting that promotes this message and provides high-quality care every single day.

Helpful and Uplifting

It is important to her to be a loving, caring, and compassionate presence for those around her, especially patients. This comes naturally for her, and she offers a listening ear and support to those who need it without thinking twice. Additionally, she received the Best Pharmacy Technician award in 2019 from CVS Pharmacy, further proof of her dedication to helping others.

Outside of the office Nichole enjoys spending time with family, cooking, and browsing Pinterest for recipes. She can also be found with a book in her hand. As a California native, she is still adjusting to the friendliness of Iowans and the classic “farmer wave”.