Alycia Hemmen, LMHC

Therapist, Clinical Team Lead


Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Counseling, 2014
Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, 2010
University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska


Depression, Anxiety, Attachment Issues, Trauma, Abuse, Behavioral Disorders, Marital Discord, Caregiver Stress, Parenting Difficulties, Relationship Stress, and Stress Management
Alycia Hemmen

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Meet Alycia

Alycia Hemmen, LMHC works with anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, relationship conflicts, and child welfare. She enjoys working with people who are looking for empowerment within themselves to work through challenges. Her patients include everyone from children, to adults, couples and families. Helping others to address underlying issues that impact them is important to her. Her approach includes using new thinking patterns and processing skills.

Support in each season

Alycia knows that everyone goes through different seasons in their life. Some are more challenging and may require some extra help. Support is important in good season too, and she enjoys providing that support to clients during both. She wants her patients to know that they can get through it, and she is happy to guide them as they do.

Through her own experiences, along with many close to her, she has seen plenty of difficult situations. As a result, she knows that those who are struggling can really benefit from some extra support. Helping people find the light in their darkness is her passion.

Facing challenges

Along with individuals, she works with families, providing support and counseling. She loves empowering families and couples to help them overcome their obstacles. She empowers patients to face their challenges head on and strives to help people find their inner strength. Subsequently, they find the courage within themselves to address their trauma.

It is rewarding for her to witness someone as they gain more confidence. She loves working with those who want to see a change but are unsure how to achieve it. For example, watching people transition from struggling to succeeding is her favorite part of her work.

Safe environment

Alycia has been described as honest, as well as caring and compassionate. People can enter her office in their most vulnerable form without fearing judgement. Her goal is to help them, not to add more stress. Similarly, she wants to be a human in her sessions. She believes that it is important to be relatable and find humor in life, whether it is a good or bad “season”.

In addition, Alycia is specialized in trauma informed care, trained in adverse childhood experiences, and is a member of the American counseling association


Mental Health Tips From Alycia