Alyssa Thomas

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Alyssa Thomas graduated from the University of Minnesota – Crookston with a degree in health administration and a minor in finance.

All things billing

As our Billing specialist, Alyssa is responsible for billing out all services that our therapists and nurse practitioners provide. She also takes care of payments, works with insurance companies, and sends out a large number of claims each week. Alyssa is very much a numbers person, and first fell in love with this role in a previous internship. In that role she gained experience in billing, coding, and management.

Work hard, play hard

Alyssa gives the phrase, “work hard, play hard” a whole new meaning. She is also the Head Varsity Coach of the Linn-Mar High School volleyball team. As a former collegiate athlete, Alyssa’s hard work ethic and dedication learned on the court has carried over into her career and coaching roles.

Mental health matters

Additionally, Alyssa loves being a part of the mental health industry. She has witnessed the challenges brought on by anxiety and depression firsthand, and it is important to her that she is able to be involved in some way. Understanding insurance is a difficult feat, and a rewarding part of her job is helping people better understand how the process works.

Outside of work, Alyssa can be found on a volleyball court, playing or coaching, or relaxing with a good book.


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