Amanda Novak, LMSW

Master of Social Work, 2021
University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD

BS, Sociology, 2016
South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD

Amanda's Areas
of Expertise


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Amanda Novak, LMSW has years of experience serving others within the mental health field. She especially enjoys helping people overcome challenges related to anxiety, mood disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, stress, life transitions, and perinatal mental health.

Variety of Experiences

In past roles, Amanda has helped others as an addiction counselor in a correctional facility. She was able to work with a variety of groups, including substance use treatment, aftercare treatment, criminal thinking, and DBT therapy groups. She has also worked in a community mental health setting offering in-home therapy to adolescents.

Additionally, Amanda has served as a program coordinator for a county jail and has insight on how different programs can serve as valuable resources for incarcerated individuals.

Passionate and Empowering

As a virtual therapist, Amanda takes pride in the safety and compassion that she offers to individuals. Through kindness and empathy she provides guidance and support to those who are struggling. Similarly, she offers a safe space to explore growth and empowerment.

A rewarding feature of her career is hearing about the successes and victories her clients have experienced. It is a beautiful process to witness, and she is in constant admiration of people’s strength.

Outside of sessions, Amanda enjoys finding her next adventure. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a new place to hike and explore, she is ready to go.

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