Ben Fienup, tLMHC



MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2021
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA


Teen Issues, Men’s Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma
Ben Fienup

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Meet Ben

Ben Fienup, tLMHC works with individuals from all walks of life. However, as a foster dad, he has special interest in helping teenagers, especially those in foster care.

A Desire to Help

Helping others is at Ben’s core. He originally intended to become a teacher, hoping to educate and guide our future generations. However, he changed paths when he saw firsthand how therapy benefitted those around him. Additionally, he has offered a helping hand to kids as a football, basketball, and baseball coach. He has has been able to use his coaching platform to advocate for mental health with players and coaches.

Direct Approach

Ben is a laid back and observant individual, and this carries over into his sessions. He enjoys listening and allowing the people he is working with to explain what they are feeling and experiencing. From there, he uses a direct approach in ensuring understanding, collaborating on solutions, and following up on goals.


Becoming a foster parent has been one of the most impactful and rewarding ways that Ben and his wife have extended support another person. It began when a friend started the Cedar Valley Angels, a chapter of the National Angels. This organization aims to support children and families within the foster care community. Ben and his wife knew they wanted to be involved in such an amazing effort. He served on the board through 2020, and they eventually became foster parents to a wonderful teenage son who is looking forward to attending college.

However, their nest won’t be empty anytime soon. They recently welcomed a daughter, and plan to foster more kids in the future. Outside of parenting, he can be found enjoying sports, the outdoors, and playing with his dog, Conway.

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