Jordan Runge

Behavioral Health Intervention Services


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2019
Minor, Criminal Justice
Winona State University, Winona, MN


Emotional Management, Social Skills, Communication Skills


Jordan Runge works as a Behavioral Health Intervention Services provider. By nature, she primarily works with children ages five to seven, but is able to work with teenagers, too. Not only does she work with individuals, but she provides support to their families as well. When children are struggling with emotional management, social skills, communication skills, ADD, and ADHD, it impacts the entire family. As a result, BHIS offers support to everyone involved.

Driven to help others

From a young age, Jordan has always wanted to help others. In her personal life she has found that people tend to feel comfortable coming to her with difficult things and asking for advice. For this reason, she came to realize that she wanted to make a career out of helping others.

It is rewarding for Jordan to hear about the wins and progress that the kids are making. She values the trusting relationships that she is able to build with them and loves being a positive part of their week.

Personal experience

Jordan is diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, both of which help her to relate with the people she is helping. Additionally, she has firsthand experience applying coping skills and tools, and can share them with. As a student, Jordan went out of her way to figure out why she was not doing well in school. As a result, she understands that process and how difficult it can be. Finding a solution that works is important. Mental health drives nearly everything, including progress in school, work productivity, personal achievements, relationships, and many other areas.

Another way that Jordan has gained experience is in her time working at an inpatient clinic. In this role, she helped individuals who displayed aggressive behavior. These experiences helped her to understand the different reasons behind behaviors and how she can help.

Comfort is key

Jordan exudes a very comforting presence. She believes in the importance of having a safe space where people can talk about whatever they need to. She knows that she wouldn’t want to talk about things if she didn’t feel safe, and she doesn’t expect others to either. Part of a safe space is establishing trust, which she values. This allows children and adolescents to talk about what they are going through without fear of repercussions. When appropriate, she finds that humor helps to create a bond and a sense of comfort.

To learn more about what Jordan Runge does and to see if you qualify for BHIS, give us a call!