Cara Kayse, LMSW, CADC

Master of Social Work, 2014
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Bachelors, Psychology, 1996
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Cara's Areas
of Expertise


Get to know Cara

Cara Kayse, LMSW, CADC is a licensed social worker and a certified alcohol and drug counselor. She welcomes people from all walks of life, but is especially passionate about helping women and Veterans. Additionally, she is experienced with those struggling from substance use disorders, trauma, and domestic violence survivors.

Personal Experiences

Throughout life, Cara has had both personal and family experiences with mental health. These experiences include PTSD, depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. For this reason, it became clear to her early on that she wanted to work in mental health.

In her previous role, Cara worked for over 5 years at the VA Hospital. She enjoyed helping veterans with their various needs, especially suicide prevention and PTSD. In addition to that she has counseled those in crisis, those struggling with substance use, and those experiencing and recovering from domestic violence. She has also served on and off with the Linn County Suicide Prevention Coalition.

A Safe Place

It is important to Cara to maintain a safe, non-judgmental space for the individuals that she is counseling. She is known to be a nurturing presence. In past roles, she was often the first choice for people who needed a nurturing approach. Her desire to understand and support others motivates her each day.


On the difficult days, she is reminded of her “why” when she sees the artwork that has been gifted to her. Many of the individuals she has helped have used art as an outlet and for coping. As a thank you to her, some of them have gifted her their artwork. This is very meaningful for her, not only because it’s a kind gesture, but because it is part of their journey. The fact that they have chosen to share it with her is one of the greatest motivators for her.

Additionally, it is inspiring to her when people discover their strengths and learn how to prioritize their values within their own life. As someone who seeks to be a life-long learner, she focuses on continued learning and improvement. Not only as a provider, but as an individual. In turn, she encourages those that she works with to do the same.


Cara married her husband later in life, and through this marriage she gained four kids. She is also a dog mom to Stella Blue, a beautiful Corgi Husky mix. Her husband is also a veteran, and together they find different ways to help with related causes.

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