Chad Charkowski

Business Development Representative


Chad Charkowski is our Business Development Representative. With years of experience helping clients, he makes sure that our partners are well taken care of. In addition, he’s always ready to connect with someone new and learn more about what they are doing to improve mental health in their organization.


Chad worked as a Home Mortgage Consultant for the last six years. In this role, he helped many individuals and families purchase their first home and take another step towards their goals. Offering help and support comes naturally for him, and he’s excited to be doing it in the mental health industry.

Today, Chad is motivated to help businesses stop the stigma and start important discussions. He knows that by growing our company, we can provide mental health services on a larger scale and help even more people.

In his personal time, Chad enjoys cheering on his favorite sports teams. This includes the Iowa Hawkeyes, Buffalo Bills, and the Los Angeles Lakers. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters and isn’t afraid to throw down in a (mostly) friendly game of basketball.