Craig Meskimen, MSW, LISW


Craig Meskimen, MSW, LISW brings years of experience in the mental health world to CFS. In past roles, he has managed, supervised, and coordinated a variety of children’s and family psych programs through UnityPoint. In addition, he has found that helping adult men through a variety of challenges is also something that he enjoys.

Service to Others

Craig is passionate about helping others, and serves on the local board for the American Red Cross. He is also a member of their Emergency Response Behavioral Health team. He believes that there is no better feeling than helping a fellow human being, and that helping others is a large part of why we are put here. In therapy, and in life, the process of self-discovery is long and filled with highs and lows – but Craig knows that we don’t have to do it alone.

He is also passionate about helping to strengthen families and the individuals within them. Craig specializes in Parent Child Interactional Therapy, a therapeutic practice that involves a parent and child in a play room and a therapist in an observation room. The goal of this process is to strengthen the relationship between a parent and child while also strengthening the parent’s behavior management skills.

The Impacts of a Good Laugh

Craig believes that there are very few situations where humor can’t help, and when appropriate he loves to share a good laugh with others.

Outside of session, Craig has an unlimited supply of humor, especially at home. He lives on a farm where he is constantly entertained by goats, rabbits, cats, dogs, chickens, and miscellaneous hobbies. His dream is to one day incorporate pets, farming, and therapy into a beautiful world of self-discovery. He is also a lifelong athlete and enjoys watching and playing sports.

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Areas of Expertise

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Couples Therapy, Children and Family Issues, Men’s Issues

Education & Training

Master of Social Work, 2009
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

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