Emily Johnson, LISW


Emily is here to offer a quiet, compassionate listening ear to all that walk through her door. She offers gentle guidance to support people in working towards their goals.

A former teacher, she loves working with kids and and their families. Emily thoroughly enjoyed teaching, but wanted to be able to focus 100% on meeting the mental health needs of the kiddos she met. Returning to school with a renewed focus to meet this need, she never looked back. She loves supporting children as they grow into their best selves.

Emily also has a strong passion for serving those impacted by chronic health issues and disabilities. She understands firsthand the heavy weight that can go along with a debilitating physical condition. Emily encourages you to embrace your condition as a part of your identity. Self-compassion and care can help overcome obstacles.

Emily loves listening to people and helping you tell your stories. She enjoys helping people recognize themselves more fully and in a positive light. Sometimes all we need is one person to guide us towards our own strength.

When she is not in the office, you may catch her watching a basketball game. She also enjoys a good video or board game in the evening.


* Please Note: Only available during pre-scheduled appointment. To request an appointment with this provider, please go here

Areas of Expertise

Children and Teens, Chronic Illness and Disabilities, LGBTQIA+

Education & Training

Masters of Social Work, 2010
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Education, 2006
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Arts, English and History, 2001
Hollins University, Roanoke, VA

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