Erin Duncan, MA, tLMFT, RYT



Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2020
Mt. Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA


Anxiety, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues
Erin Duncan, MA, tLMFT, RYT

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Meet Erin

Erin Duncan, MA, tLMFT, RYT works with couples, families, and individuals ages 14 and up. She has a wide range of specialties and also works with people who feel “stuck” and want to move forward.

Empathy and communication

Erin grew up in a family that struggled with communication and the effects of trauma. She sought out therapy and was able to work through these challenges and help herself. As a result, she chose to become a therapist so she could help others in the same way.

She brings insight and empathy to her sessions and focuses on helping people through whatever is presented to them. As a mother and wife, she understands that issues do arise with spouses and children, and the need to talk about it in therapy doesn’t make those relationships weak. She makes it a priority to provide a safe space for all individuals.

Spreading happiness

She knows what it is like to be unhappy. Therefore, she wants to help others find happiness. Her belief is that if she can help at least one person find joy and purpose in their life, then she is making the world a better place. One happy person has the ability to create a ripple effect of happiness around them.

Erin enjoys hearing people’s stories. It is an honor to her that others trust her with their challenges and emotions. Despite the hardships, Erin also loves humor and incorporate it in session when it is appropriate. This is because she believes laughter can help people heal.

An individual focus

She has learned that it is important to focus on perspective. For example, in session she tries to help people understand that sometimes it is more about how they see a situation, rather than the situation itself.

A unique way that Erin Duncan helps is by using her experience as a yoga instructor. She often teaches the importance of breathing to improve mindfulness and to help those she works with discover the importance of being present in each moment.

Mental Health Tips From Erin