Hallie Eickhoff

Content Creator


Hallie Eickhoff graduated from Coe College with a degree in communication studies and public relations. A fun fact about Hallie is that she is a produced playwright.

Content Creation

Hallie loves what she does because she is able to be creative and fine tune her existing skillsets. She also appreciates having variety in her tasks and not doing the same exact thing each day. Writing is a passion of hers and she feels grateful to be able to do it for a living.

As our Content Creator, Hallie is responsible for building and maintaining our library of self-guided mental health courses. Additionally, she manages all of the social media accounts for our StrengthenU brand and collaborates with many other departments in our organization.

Marketing Background

Most of Hallie’s background has been in marketing. She has gained experience from three different marketing internships throughout her college studies. In these roles she learned a variety of skills, including writing social media content, working on professional writing, and optimizing content for SEO. She was also able to get some design experience through an internship that took her all the way up to New York City! In this role, she created posts that showcased different books they were publishing, many of which were mental health related.

Passion for mental health

Hallie has always been interested in mental health and loves that her current job allows her to advocate the importance of getting help. It is an added bonus that much of her role involves learning more about mental health and creating content that can help others. It is inspiring to her to be a part of the efforts in stopping the stigma and breaking down common misconceptions. She is always excited for an opportunity to provoke and encourage conversations about mental health.

Outside of work, Hallie can be found reading, enjoying the theatre realm, trying out new recipes, and practicing yoga with friends.