Joshua Curphy, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC


Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

"You can trust me to provide compassionate, individualized care that values your unique identity and experiences."

Growing up in a family with a history of serious mental illness, Josh understands that it can be challenging for everyone. Having this experience has also given him a unique perspective on how to help others.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, 2023
Allen College, Waterloo, IA

ARNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, 2015
Allen College, Waterloo, IA

Master of Science in Nursing, 2010
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Josh's Areas
of Expertise

Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Chronic and Severe Illness, Depression, Gender Affirming Care, Grief & Loss, LGBTQ Affirming Care, Mood Disorders, OCD, PTSD, Postpartum and Perinatal Depression, Psychosis, Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizophrenia, Substance Use Disorder

Offering Medication Management Services For

Individuals of All Ages

Get to know Josh

Joshua Curphy’s purpose as your mental health provider is to assist you in identifying and achieving your goals in an atmosphere of respect, nonjudgment, acceptance, and empathy. Mental health is complex and so are the issues surrounding it. He will work with you to create a personalized, holistic care plan that takes into account your unique needs.

Someone Who Understands

Growing up in a family with a history of serious mental illness, Josh understands that it can be challenging for everyone. Having this experience has also given him a unique perspective on how to help others. He has seen firsthand the impact that disorders like schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide can have on individuals and their loved ones.

Josh values providing empathetic care and truly listening to your story. You are more than a number. He understands mental illness can be a lonely and isolating experience. For that reason, he strives to create a supportive environment where you feel heard AND understood.

One of the most significant things he has learned along the way is the importance of fostering hope. Mental illness can be overwhelming and it can be easy to feel like things will never get better. But, you CAN recover and find meaning in your life, even in the face of serious challenges.

A Trusted Partner to Help You Tackle the Tough Issues

One of the first things Josh will do when you meet is help you to identify your strengths. Together, you will work to set and reach achievable goals. Through ongoing support, he hopes to create an atmosphere where you can build the confidence and resilience needed to overcome your struggles.

Josh will provide you with a non-judgmental and compassionate environment where you can feel safe and supported as you work towards your goals. Trust is hard, but so very important. Through medication management, empathy, listening and validation, he will be your trusted guide you as you navigate the challenges of mental illness to build a fulfilling and meaningful life. He promises to work to understand your personal experiences and perspective.

Care with Dignity and Respect

Empathy and respect are core values in Josh’ approach to caring for you. He demonstrates this by treating you with dignity and honoring your autonomy and ability to make your own choices. Josh promises to prioritize your needs and goals, and work collaboratively to create a treatment plan that is tailored just for you.

Overall, he is committed to providing compassionate, evidence-based care that supports you in achieving your mental health and wellness goals. Please reach out to request an appointment for yourself or a loved one with Josh at our Marion Clinic.

Always Ready for an Outdoor Adventure

Outside of the office, Josh values his family above all else and loves spending time with his wife and kids. One of his favorite pastimes is getting outside, whether it’s going on fishing trips, hiking through the wilderness, kayaking down streams and rivers, or playing frisbee golf. Being out in nature is refreshing and invigorating, and it’s a great way to bond as a family!

When they are not outside, Josh and his family love to watch Science Fiction and Fantasy films together. Star Wars and Star Trek are always favorites, as well as the Marvel and DC universes. They also enjoy watching Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, and other similar shows.

In addition to his family’s adventures and activities, Josh is also a musician. In fact, he plays multiple instruments, including the guitar, bass, and drums. He actually used to play in a blues band that won the Iowa City Blues Challenge years ago! Even though that time is in the past, he still enjoys playing music with friends whenever he gets the chance. Singing karaoke is (unsurprisingly) also something he enjoys as it’s a great way to let loose and have some fun.

In his remaining spare time (assuming he has any left), Josh enjoys playing video games. It’s a great way to unwind and relax, and it’s something he’s enjoyed doing since childhood.

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