As our Billing Assistant, Kari Ayangbile helps support the Billing Department with insurance claims, denials, and verifications. She brings experience from her former role as a Revenue Cycle Representative at MediRevv.


Kari received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Ashford University in 2007. After that, she spent 7 years as an elementary school teacher before deciding to change career paths. In her time as a teacher she most enjoyed being a positive role model for young women, teaching them about confidence. This is something she continues to maintain in all aspects of her life. In addition, she takes pride in her ability to be open and honest with students. In turn, they are open and honest with her. This allowed her to be a safe outlet for anyone struggling with academics or social wellbeing.

Values Mental Health

Kari first became passionate about mental health when she lost her brother to suicide. This experience was extremely difficult and eye-opening for her family. As a result, she discovered that she wants to help stop the stigma around mental illness. In addition, she has firsthand experience with postpartum depression, anxiety, and depression. Mental health has touched her life in many ways, and she is excited to be working in the industry directly.

Girl Mom

Kari is a proud mom to three daughters. They drive her motivation and desire to grow as a person and as a mother. Not only do they help her to be the best version of herself, but she hopes to pass along the same values. For example, she wants to teach them strength, confidence, and independence.

Kari is also a very bubbly and outgoing person. She likes to have fun and play games with her family. Some of her favorites include Farkle, Beat That!, and Yahtzee. She also does photography, enjoys working out, and was inducted into Rockfalls High School’s Hall of Fame for softball in 2020.

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