Kristina Gingerich, MA, LMHC

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2014
LCC International University

Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling,2019
University of Northern Iowa

Kristina's Areas
of Expertise


Get to know Kristina

Kristina Gingerich, MA, LMHC works with individuals age seven and up. Her primary focus areas are anxiety, depression, abuse, and adjustment issues. However, being a previously certified brain injury specialist, she also will work with physical traumas like brain injuries. In addition, she is working on training for maternal mental health.

Building the connection

Using a person-centered approach, she forms genuine connection with each individual she works with. She enjoys using her own wide range of life experiences to relate to people. Connecting with others comes naturally to Kristina and she values each connection. Similarly, she enjoys working with immigrants because she is an immigrant herself.

Providing a non-judgmental, comfortable space to connect is important to Kristina. She wants people to know they can open up to her.

A gentle approach

Therapy can be difficult. For this reason, Kristina knows the importance of being welcoming and compassionate with those she works with. She challenges existing beliefs, but does so in a way that is not shocking to the person or their system. Finding a way to go to those difficult places, but gently, has a lasting impact. She also enjoys using humor in therapy, believing it can go a long way in conversations and can be healing in and of itself.

Progress is made up of a lot of small steps

Kristina loves seeing individuals recognize something about themselves and gain insights through therapy. Similarly, witnessing them take big steps in their life to overcome those challenges is the most rewarding part of her job.

Progress in therapy does not always happen very quickly, so she makes a point to celebrate the small victories. For example, someone being vulnerable with themselves and others is something worth celebrating. She believes that even small changes are effective in therapy. It’s these smaller steps that go a long way.

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