Leslie Orr, TLMHC



Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2020
Walden University, Minneapolis, MN


Anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, ADHD, and trauma.
Leslie Orr, LMSW

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Meet Leslie

Leslie Orr enjoys working with people of all ages, helping them to overcome mental health diagnoses and personal struggles.

The receiving end

Having been on the receiving end of mental health counseling, Leslie has a personal appreciation for the value it can bring. As she came to understand the stigma attached to mental illness, she realized how important it is to normalize it and wanted to be a part of the solution. Individuals do not need to suffer in silence when help is right around the corner. Her personal experience also taught her how much unconditional positive regard and validation can help uplift people who are struggling.                             

In addition, Leslie’s experience in therapy gave her insight into the many reasons why different emotions exist. Although she understands that each experience is different, she can relate better to others. She often understands and can empathize with where people are coming from because she has been there herself. This helps them realize that she is walking beside them on their journey, not trying to rush them.

Comfortable and honest

It is important to Leslie that she always creates a comfortable atmosphere. She wants to make sure each individual she works with sees her as a normal human. This means that she is imperfect, just like everyone else. This way they are willing to let her in so she can help them accomplish their goals. She believes that therapy is a team effort, and always includes the individual in the process.

In addition to creating a comfortable space, Leslie provides unconditional positive regard for every individual she works with. She does not judge anyone, no matter what they share. As a result, they can be more honest with her and themselves.

Motivated to help others

Leslie knows that a lot of people struggle without ever seeking help. Seeing that so many individuals suffer for a long time when they do not need to is upsetting. Her goal is to help others live the best life that they can. Because of her firsthand experience with the benefits of therapy, she enjoys the ability to pay it forward. It really came full circle for her.

It is rewarding to Leslie to be able to work with different people every day. She loves knowing that she is making a difference for others.

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