Bachelors of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science, 2015​
Ashford University, Clinton IA​

Masters Of Arts in Applied Behavioral Analysis, 2017​
Ball State University, Muncie, IN


Autism Spectrum Disorder, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Management


Marcia Wilcox, BS works with children and adolescents. She focuses on behavioral issues such as aggression, communications, hyperactivity, impulse control, time management, anger management, anxiety and coping skills. Teaching kids how take seemingly large problems and make them smaller is a large part of her work.

Behavior Background

Marcia grew up in foster care. As a result, she has a greater understanding of what children in foster care are going through. This helps her to be more aware of different family dynamics.

Another personal experience includes raising her son, who has autism. They have having done a lot of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, which has provided Marcia with a lot of insight. Because of this she is able to look at behavior differently and help families manage and redirect certain behaviors. She aims to help people think outside of the box in ways they haven’t before. For example, she uses reinforcement instead of punishment. Similarly, she has learned coping skills and is able to better understand the parents, not just the children.

Family Involvement

Her experiences with behavior has led to a larger understanding of family involvement and the role it plays in the process. Marcia loves seeing families and children come together and develop tools and coping techniques. This not only improves the individual, but the overall family dynamic. Families have told her that she is a lifesaver. When they see the improvement in their children’s lives, they are grateful for the work she has done with them.

Comfortable Envrionment

Relationships are important in Marcia’s work. When families and individuals feel comfortable with her, they trust her and are more willing to make the necessary changes. Marcia is a good listener and believes that everyone needs to be heard. She loves seeing children who previously were not communicating well improve their communication with her and with their families.

Marcia has been described as cheerful, which she believes is important in her work. She wants people to feel happy and at ease with her. She has also been blessed with a calm demeanor and a level-head. This is beneficial as she works with many individuals who tend to have heightened emotions. She loves watching the children and adolescents she works with as they build friendships and achieve their goals.



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