Megan Conrad, LMHC, NCC

Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling, 2016
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2012
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA

Megan's Areas
of Expertise


Get to know Megan

Megan Conrad, LMHC, NCC works with individuals of all ages. She is in the process of becoming certified in ADHD as well as a Registered Play Therapist. Additionally, she uses Adlerian Play Therapy and Sand Tray intervention techniques.

Inspired by her own experiences

Events from Megan’s own childhood inspired her to be a provider of mental health services. For example, she did play therapy as a child. She also manages anxiety and ADHD, which gives her a lot of insight. She enjoys combining her education and firsthand experiences to offer tools and techniques to those seeking help.

Keeping up with the research

The mental health industry is everchanging. For this reason, it’s important to Megan that she is up to date on the latest research. Whether it’s a new technique, therapeutic approach, or type of diagnosis – she want’s to know about it. She takes pride in equipping people with the proper solutions and skills for their situations.

Values connection and inclusivity

Megan wants to provide unconditional love and acceptance to everyone. She wants to help others to love and accept themselves. She loves working with people from different demographics, including kids, individuals from different ethnicities, and those in the LGBTQ+ community.

In addition, she values the relationships she is able to form and develop through her work. She is a good listener and wants people to know that she is invested in their wellbeing. When appropriate, Megan brings fun and humor into session. This is a great way to express thoughts and feelings. She also seeks to provide a conversationalist atmosphere where individuals can talk about anything.

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Monday thru Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

2720 1st Ave NE, Suite 300
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

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