Melissa Knox

BS, Psychology, 2018
Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA

Get to know Melissa

For five years Mel worked with youths as a counselor and development coordinator at Jane Boyd. It was fulfilling for her to lead others in a joint effort to serve the community. It is her goal to continue making a positive difference and help build the foundation of something great.


In addition, she is passionate about stopping the stigma surrounding mental health. Not only in society, but in the workplace. Mel knows that mental health challenges don’t have an “off” switch for us to use at our convenience. This is why it’s so important to provide mental health solutions designed for the workplace and organizations we serve.

In her role as Business Development Administrative Assistant she is able to combine these passions and help pave the way for innovative services. For instance, she organizes and facilitates many of the functions that keep our mental health initiatives afloat. This directly impacts our success and contributes to exceptional patient and client care.

Serving Others

Mel’s desire to serve spans into her personal life as well. During the pandemic she found a way to make extra income doing something she loves by serving food out of her home. It was called “Mel’s Menu” and displayed her dedicated and fun-loving personality.

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