Miranda Peyton, LMSW, MT-BC



Bachelor of Music – Music Therapy, December 2015
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


Anxiety, Autism, Behavioral Issues, Bereavement, Depression and other Mood Disorders, Older Adults, Stress Management, Troubled Teens, Trauma
Miranda Peyton, LMSW, MT-BC

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Meet Miranda

Miranda Peyton, LMSW, MT-BC enjoys working with individuals from all walks of life. However, in her former role as a school-based therapist, she primarily worked with kids and adolescents. She also likes to incorporate her music therapy background with those who could benefit from it.

Passion for self-growth

Miranda’s own experiences inspired her to help others who are affected by similar struggles. In her own journey she has found that self-growth is one of her biggest passions. She enjoys sharing it with others, and she spends a lot of time reading about it. As a result, she has gained additional perspective and can provide more information to herself and others. In addition, she has learned to challenge negative thinking patterns and highlight strengths.

She also relates to those who have experienced parental separation. She has learned to accept circumstances that she can’t control. Similarly, she has seen the benefits of accepting these things with love in her heart. The perspective that she brings helps other realize that they can only change their reactions and responses.

Incorporates her interests

With a background in music therapy, Miranda enjoys incorporating this approach with a variety of populations. Of course, she only does so when it pertains to the individual. She enjoys adding creativity into session. For example, art and music helps individuals express their emotions in new ways. Maybe words are more difficult for some, so this opens a door for new coping outlets. Some ways that music is used is in active music making, learning skills, listening to music, and lyric reading. Further, music is great for promoting relaxation.

Another piece of her journey is fitness. She believes in the importance of loving and accepting yourself and where you are at in your journey. She encourages self-love with everyone she works with, but also recognizes the physical benefits of moving your body.


Miranda cares for each individual she works with. She truly wants to help them meet their goals and see progress. Similarly, she meets people where they are at. The first priority is what they need in the present moment. She will listen, empathize, and help guide them if they are ready for a change.

Helping people find techniques that work for them is key. It’s important that they are working on skills that can be applied outside of session. Application of new skills is where true growth happens. Regardless of where someone is at, she believes in embracing the journey rather than being tied to the outcome.


Mental Health Tips From Miranda