Nichole Clarke, MA, TLMFT



Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2020
Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2015
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


Trauma, Abuse, Parenting/Co-Parenting, Relational and Attachment Issues, Communication Issues, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Depression, Mood Disorders
Nichole Clarke, MA, TLMFT

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Meet Nichole

Nichole Clarke, MA, tLMFT is certified in Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She recognizes the importance of mental health because it influences everything in a person’s life. Having seen the effects of trauma firsthand, she knows that therapy is a crucial step in healing.


Nichole has family members who have experienced mental health issues. In addition, she has experienced trauma herself, and therefore it is easy for her to relate to others. She is very empathetic and understands the emotions of the individuals she is working with. This is especially helpful when people are having a difficult time expressing their feelings. When this happens, she is gentle and patient as they come out of their shell and eventually open up.


A large part of this is to create a safe space. Nichole is very intentional about creating a space where people can open up and talk through things. It’s important to avoid being pushy. Instead, she validates them and allows the individual to take their time. Similarly, she believes it is important to meet individuals where they are at.


As a very curious person, Nichole asks a lot of questions. This is so that she can best understand the perspectives of others. Answering questions helps them to process the problems they are experiencing. From here she can help them realize how these problems are impacting their life. She can also help them to identify and build coping tools that will work for them.

One of her biggest assets is her ability to build and maintain relationships. Building healthy and secure relationships is important, especially in therapy. Trust and communication is important for an accurate and beneficial treatment process.


Nichole loves being a therapist because it gives her a lot of self-actualization. She is able to see change happen right in front of her, and she loves witnessing that change and being a part of it. It is rewarding to her to see relationships and family dynamics being strengthened. Seeing the progress individuals make reminds her of her “why”. For example, the way a child plays or the way an individual talks about the conflicts in their life. When their outlook and perspectives change, they are able to manage better.

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