Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2020
Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA


Couples Issues, Men’s Issues, Anxiety, Parenting/Co-parenting

Meet Pete

Pete Campie, MA, tLMFT is welcoming of all people, but has a particular focus on couples and men’s issue. As a result, he has experience with a lot of new dads and men in relationships. He also specializes in depression, anxiety, and blended families. Pete currently has a blended family himself. In turn, co-parenting is a passion area for him and is a focus he has worked to develop.

Understanding the struggle

Pete decided to become a provider because of his own past experiences. He has a long history of mental health issues within his family. This significant exposure to mental illness inspired him to help others. He understands that mental illness does not discriminate. It effects everyone regardless of age, gender, social class, or ethnicity. He knows that most people are not given the tools to manage it on their own. Therefore, Pete decided to become a resource for others. He wants to help others develop and discover the ability within themselves to live a happy life regardless of mental illness.

His motivation very much stems from those hurting around him. Having struggled with self-confidence before, he is drawn to helping patients find their own confidence. A lot of his training focuses on helping clients identify their abilities and shine light on tools that will help them.

Provides resources for success

The patient relationships that Pete builds are important to him. They help to facilitate change in a safe and trusted environment. He is a firm believer that the therapist does not make the change. Instead, they are a resource for a person who is seeking to make their own change. Pete finds joy in seeing success in his patients, and loves to hear the ways they apply solutions outside of the session.

Honesty and consistency are important traits to Pete and he strives to maintain these values in all that he does. Pete is someone who follows through and is both reliable and consistent in his work. He stays focused on what he and his client can control, and how how to achieve their goals.


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