Luba Bijelic, MA, tLMHC, NBCC


Luba Bijelic, MA, TLMHC, NBCC accepts patients from all walks of life, and uses mindfulness and Adlerian play therapy techniques in her sessions. In addition, she is currently working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist. She has served as a Board Member on the American Counseling Association of Iowa since January of 2020. Luba is also bilingual in Serbo-Croatian and Bosnian and welcomes patients who speak those languages.


She has been in situations where she was not aware of the choices she was making and how they would affect her future. This makes her very relatable to others, especially if they are going through a similar situation. For example, she has had to take a step back and reroute some of her choices. As a result, she has been able to learn from it. Luba also knows that if her clients work hard and trust themselves and the counseling process, they can overcome obstacles, turning them into opportunities for growth. Even small steps towards goals and growth are worth being celebrated.

Luba has a lot of trust in her sessions. She trusts people that she works with to do the work, even if they have to correct mistakes. Overall, she trusts the process. She has seen it work, for her personally, and she loves seeing it work for others.


Her approach to counseling utilizes mindfulness and the practice of being present in the moment. She believes that this allows individuals to reflect and notice what is not working for them. In turn, it allows them to figure out what might work better. Luba values one-on-one interactions and focuses on creating a safe space where people can be vulnerable.

Likewise, Luba recognizes that she is more mindful and aware when she is in session, too. This helps her focus on the individual in front of her and the struggles they are sharing with her.


She is empathetic, which allows her to help others in a nonjudgmental way. Similarly, she practices unconditional positive regard and active listening with everyone she works with. Through breathing and other exercises, she promotes calmness and relaxation in session. Additionally, she has been told that she has a very calming presence, which is important to her.

It is very rewarding to her when she can see individuals make progress and lead happier lives.

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Areas of Expertise

Trauma Sensitive Care, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Alderian Play Therapy, Bilingual in Serbo-Croatian and Bosnian

Education & Training

Masters of Arts Degree, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2020
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Bachelors of Arts, Psychology, 2017
Certificate: Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2017
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA

Board Member, American Counseling Association of Iowa, 2020
Treasurer, Chi Sigma Iota National Honors Society, 2019

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