Rachel Van Wickle, LMFT

Master of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2012
Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA

Bachelor of Science, Family Studies, 2010
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Rachel's Areas
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Get to know Rachel

Rachel Van Wickle, LMFT welcomes people ages 11 and up. She is a wife and mother, and therefore understands the challenges that come with balancing all of one’s roles.

A relatable perspective

Rachel is not only a provider, but also a recipient. She has seen the effects of mental illness within her own family. As a result, she has insight into different family situations and ways that people might cope. She knows that therapy makes a difference and is proud to provide that for other people.

Forming relationships

Rachel loves creating personal connections. Learning about different ideas, perspectives, and the ways of life is enjoyable to her. She feels privileged to help others as they help themselves. Being authentic is important to her and she does so by speaking openly and honestly. As a result, individuals feel more comfortable with her. Her genuine nature allows her to form more of those relationships that she strives for. In turn, people bring their truest self into sessions so they can make progress.

Further, she provides an empathetic and non-judgmental space where individuals can feel heard and understood.

Developing skills

One of the most rewarding things to witness is when people develop a stronger sense of self-identity. Learning who they are and what drives them is a huge step in the therapy process. When healthy coping skills are learned, people are able to better manage their feelings. She loves seeing a person handle difficult situations with the skills she has helped them develop.

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