Stormy Hinton, LMSW

Master of Social Work, 2021
St. Ambrose University, Davenport, IA

Bachelor of Social Work, 2017
Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA

Stormy's Areas
of Expertise


Get to know Stormy

Stormy Hinton, LMSW has worked in hospice and school-based settings providing therapy and helping others. She is also familiar with the tension that can be held in the body, as she has worked as a massage therapist.

Trauma and Healing

Stormy is no stranger to the impacts of traumatic experiences. As a child, she experienced loss and lack of foundational support. This inspired her to help at-risk youth and youth who also did not have the parental love and support that many take for granted. Her goal is to help others to feel empowered and supported through life’s changes and challenges.

In 2019, Stormy lost her best friend and the love of her life in an accident. She slipped into a very severe depressive state for the following eight months. The silver lining of the pandemic that followed was that it gave her the opportunity to begin the healing process during a time in which the world was already “on pause”. Through all of these difficult times, Stormy has learned invaluable skills and knowledge regarding the healing process and the impacts of trauma both mentally and physically.

Fun, Playful, and Driven

Stormy is a “Gemini through and through”, and is a very fun and playful person. However, she knows how to get down to business and get work done too.

Outside of session, Stormy enjoys kayaking, being outdoors, traveling, listening to blues, and cooking. She’s also a big fan of the Chicago Cubs!

To schedule an appointment with Stormy Hinton, LMSW, reach out at 1-888-336-9661.

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