Catherine Norwood, LMHC

Therapist, Cedar Rapids Site Coordinator


Master of Arts, Licensed Professional Counseling, 2015
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2012
University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ


Anxiety, depression, self esteem, phase of life challenges, trauma, attachment, foster care, parenting/co-parenting, and family conflict
Catherine Norwood, LMHC

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Meet Catherine

Catherine Norwood, LMHC is an experienced therapist with training in trauma, attachment, mental health first aid, fostering, and play therapy. Her goal is to walk alongside clients as they move towards their individual wellness goals. Catherine hopes each of the individuals she serves will be able to find meaning within themselves and in relationships with others.

Passion shaped by experiences

Catherine went into foster care when she was five years old. In addition to other life experiences, these things have helped her to understand the challenges of overcoming hard things. This insight allows her to be very relatable and compassionate with her patients. Today, she is both a foster and adoptive parent, and is equipped in helping parents who are struggling with these situations. She understands the obstacles that arise when raising children in trauma. Therefore, she has a lot of experience working with children.

Finding solutions through healthy challenge

Catherine utilizes a strengths based approach combined with empathy, compassion, and healthy challenges. It is important to her to build trust with all individuals. With trust comes comfort, and from there patients are able to share difficult and personal issues.

Catherine believes that our experiences do not define us. Through Cognitive Behavior Therapy, she helps people to develop healthier beliefs about oneself and the world. She believes in her patients, often times before they even believe in themselves. When someone has a visit with her, she makes sure to remind them of the beauty of who they are their capability. She believes that no client is a problem that needs to be fixed. Instead of trying to “fix” someone, she challenges them with honest, but kind, questions that reshape their outlook.

“See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see.”

Wayne Dyer


Mental Health Tips From Catherine

A message in hard times
More than a Diagnosis
Catherine Norwood, LMHC

A Message in Hard Times: Normalize Mental Health

This woman was so filled with shame. If shame were a color it would pour out of her eyes, staining her cheeks. I sat across from her letting my eyes fill as well. I could normalize her experience — not just because I am a trained therapist — but because I have thought those very same things too. If you are reading this, please help me to NORMALIZE MENTAL HEALTH.

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