Vanessa Christenson

Certified Life Coach, LCS

Vanessa Christenson graduated Summa Cum Laude from Mount Mercy University with a degree in psychology. She is also a certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School and the owner and founder of V and Co, a fabric and quilt design company.


Vanessa is very passionate about the work she does as a coach, and is always excited to share her tools with others. She primarily works with entrepreneurial and working women, but is helpful to anyone that is looking to live more intentional lives through thought work.

Those who have worked alongside Vanessa know she is a positive and uplifting presence everywhere she goes. There are no shortages of support or friendly greetings when she’s around. For this reason, it was no surprise that she has chosen to coach and uplift others as they work towards empowerment.

Vanessa also co-hosts a podcast with her husband, Jacob. In their podcast, The Coach & The Therapist, they discuss many topics surrounding mental health. With her being a life coach and him a marriage and family therapist, they have many similarities and differences in their approaches.

Outside of work, Vanessa spends time with her family, enjoys various exercise classes, and designs fabric and quilt patterns. She is also known to post amazing content of her cats.


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Areas of Expertise

Habits, Thought Work

Education & Training

BS, Psychology, 2018
Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA

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