Zach Schmit

Vice President of Business Development


Zach earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Public Relations from Coe College. He brings years of experience to this role, including sales, marketing, operations, and brand development. His success as a leader is evident as he has led teams of sales and marketing professionals to record breaking growth, delivered sales training seminars, and does not shy away from public speaking. His goal is to continue finding new ways to add more value to each client’s experience.

He executes with an entrepreneurial mindset in all that he pursues. This includes previously launching his own e-commerce company. While Zach’s experience has been developed across multiple industries, he has a deep passion for both physical and mental health and wellness.

In addition to work, Zach enjoys reading, traveling, hitting the gym and running. As a result, he has raced competitively across the US from 5K’s to marathons. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, he qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon. He also loves spending time with his yellow lab, Bear, and roots for the Minnesota Vikings.