make lemonade out of lemons

Make Resilient Lemonade out of the Derecho

For all people, how we handle challenges has a lot to do with our ability to be resilient. Resiliency is like a rubber band, the more resilient you are, the springier your rubber band and the quicker you are able to rebound from a difficult event. As we continue to stretch our rubber band over and over as we go from pandemic to home schooling to natural disaster, the harder it has become for the rubber band to regain its original shape.

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Tip – August 18

Quality & Quantity. When we desire to connect with others, we turn towards the relationships that mean the most to us. However, all relationships need balance between how much time they are given and how much time they are used. Consider how you are balancing out the quantity of usage in your quality relationships. This helps reduce burnout and exhaustion in the places where you are cared for the most!

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