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At Covenant Family Solutions, we walk beside you on your path to mental wellness. Our providers assist people in determining if medication will help with their mental health symptoms. Together, you, your provider, and other members of your healthcare team will come up with a plan that is best for you. 

Your first visit with us will be an hour long and follow-ups will each be 30 minutes long. We want to give you time to share your health needs and goals. When people are struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems it is important to have a thorough assessment. This is because it helps us figure out what help you need before prescribing medications.

Medication Management and Psychiatry

What is medication management and psychiatry

If you need medicine to help with your mental health, it is important that your medication is monitored. This means an ongoing conversation with your nurse practitioner. Through ongoing conversations, we can ensure the right medication and treatment plan is in place to improve your mental well-being. Your provider will help you to create short and long-term medication plans. Part of your plan includes working with you to evaluate how you are reacting to your medication(s). And, with the information they gather, can make adjustments if needed to make sure you get the best possible results.

Why should I see a psychiatric nurse practitioner in addition to my family doctor?

Our clinicians are certified psychiatric nurse practitioners. Like all psychiatry providers, they specialize in treating individuals with acute and chronic mental health needs. They are fully qualified to diagnose and treat mental health problems. Our providers will work to create treatment plans specific to your needs. They will also collaborate with your family doctor and other members of your health team, including anyone providing therapy, to ensure seamless care. When a person is also in therapy at Covenant Family Solutions, our nurse practitioners work closely with our therapists and counselors, so they are working together on behalf of the people we serve.

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