Caring for Foster Children during COVID-19

Caring for Foster Children

We have an opportunity during this strange time to paint a new picture of what coping with stress looks like for children in foster care who are often the victims of trauma, abuse, and neglect.

Surviving Quarantine with Significant Other

Surviving Quarantine with your Partner

Today, you and many others, are likely telecommuting to work and seeing you family more in one week than perhaps you had in the previous year. If you are in a committed romantic relationship, then this time of self-quarantining has some important considerations.

Helpers Need Help Too

Healthcare Worker

As a healthcare worker you are familiar with high stress environments, anxiety provoking situations, and job performance pressure. But, you are still human and the current crisis is unlike anything we have ever faced before in our generation.

Free Mental Health Coaching to those Struggling During Pandemic

Mental Health Coaching

“It is perfectly normal for people to feel isolated and anxious in the current crisis,” states CFS CEO Dr. Jacob Christenson. “Covenant Family Solutions is grateful to be able to aid in the community response to help people navigate the mental health struggles they are facing during these uncertain times.”

Recharge throughout the day

Recharge throughout the day

Daily life can be a struggle, especially when our brain does not get a break. Day-to-day life is frequently filled with never ending lists (which may or may not get written down and crossed off), as well as perfectly timing and prioritizing those lists, and all those other little essential and non-essential things we think about on a daily basis.