A message in hard times
Mental Health Awareness

A Message in Hard Times: Normalize Mental Health

This woman was so filled with shame. If shame were a color it would pour out of her eyes, staining her cheeks. I sat across from her letting my eyes fill as well. I could normalize her experience — not just because I am a trained therapist — but because I have thought those very same things too. If you are reading this, please help me to NORMALIZE MENTAL HEALTH.

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special needs adoption
Children and Mental Health

Preparing for Special Needs Adoption

Children want to feel that they are part of a family — that they belong just as much as any other family member biologically related or not. They want to feel included as if they were always meant to be there, not as if they are lucky to be there.

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foster parenting
Foster Care and Adoption

Fostering Healing as a Foster Parent

Kids do not know how to communicate their experience. They do not know how to explain the survival strategies that have become normal for them, but are so obviously wrong in this new home. It can be exhausting to navigate.

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Relax, Sit Back, and Enjoy Life

Relax, Sit Back, and Enjoy Life

I can’t explain how many clients have sat in my office as we’ve asked ourselves what kind of world we are currently living in. Fear, anxiety, worry, and confusion tend to be the first emotional responses seen and felt by those I meet with every day.

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