Charlie White, LMHC


Charlie White, LMHC works most often with teenagers and adults, as individuals, couples or families.

Motivating Experience

Personal experiences inspired Charlie to work in the mental health industry. He saw his grandfather dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, which took a significant toll on him and his family. As a result, he realized the importance of mental health support. In addition, it gave him an understanding of how working together through difficult times can make it easier. He understands that life can be difficult, and everyone deserves patience and compassion. In turn, he has learned to be more patient as he provides support to others.

It’s Ok To Not Be OK

It is common that people pretend they are fine even when they are struggling. However, Charlie is an advocate for acknowledging when things are not going well. Being aware of the difficult things is helpful in the therapy process. In addition, it helps individuals to identify and become their best selves. Charlie believes that mental health defines our experiences entirely, because it affects the way we feel. Because of this, mental health is an important focal point for a happy life.

Everyone’s journey begins somewhere. Charlie loves seeing people make progress and find motivation. He feels that he is making a positive difference when he watches someone with hesitancy and low self-confidence become proud of something they accomplished and find their strength. He strives to help everyone he works with find and use the strength within them.

Be Yourself

Charlie’s main goal is to help people to feel at ease and be themselves. He is conscious about not pushing individuals to be any particular way. Charlie provides a nonjudgmental space where no one needs to feel looked down upon, but rather where everyone feels comfortable. His accepting personality allows individuals to feel that they are in a safe space, where they can talk about their emotions and be themselves, not holding back.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Charlie generally utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, which is especially effective with depression. This technique identifies which thoughts are feeding the depression. From there, individuals can pinpoint and challenge those thoughts. Once they do that, they can replace them with real, positive ones.

When people return for more sessions, Charlie knows that he is doing his job well. He cares about every individual he works with a great deal and understands their value, spending each session trying to help them reach that full potential.

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Areas of Expertise

Anger Management, Mood Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, Anxiety, ADHD

Education & Training

Masters of Arts, Mental Health Counseling, 2014
New York University, New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2009
Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA

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