McKenzie Grimm, LISW

School-Based Therapist


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2016
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Master of Arts in Social Work, 2019
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


Anxiety/Depression, Anger Management, Child/Adolescent Behavioral Issues, Family Therapy, Parenting, and Stress Management
McKenzie Grimm, LMSW

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Meet McKenzie

McKenzie Grimm, LISW works with kids ages 4-18. She has a strengths-based approach, typically using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Environmental Experience

Before working at Covenant Family Solutions, McKenzie had an internship where she worked with high-need kids. This was in an outpatient setting. Before that, she volunteered with kids who struggled with behavioral and mental health disorders. These combined experiences motivated her to do what she now does. For instance, her time in those environments gave McKenzie more perspective. In turn, she is very compassionate and empathetic.

Impactful Work

McKenzie understands the importance of mental and behavioral health providers. She understands that there are difficult things that each of us are going through. Additionally, she knows that not all children have a support system that understands mental health. For this reason, she wants to work with them to help them get to a better place. It can be challenging at times, but McKenzie believes it is worth it. By helping them develop skills and tools that they can use throughout their life, she is making a difference.

Aside from providing these resources, McKenzie loves that each child is so different. She has never had two individuals that are the same. The unique situations that each individual brings helps to keep her on her toes. She loves her work and loves being able to laugh and play with kids.

Safe Relationships

In addition to being empathetic, McKenzie has the ability to form connections and relationships with the kids she works with. Having a strong foundation helps people feel safe to disclose their difficulties. Trust is so important to McKenzie and to the process.

Further, McKenzie strives to create a comfortable space. It can be intimidating to be on the receiving end of therapy, so McKenzie strives to help them understand that she is just as human as they are. This allows them to relax and open up. She loves seeing personal progress in her kiddos, especially in those who struggled intensely before. She loves knowing that she has helped someone find the tools that they need to grow and overcome their difficulties.

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