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We understand seeking support for mental health is a very important and personal decision. Located in the heart of the Ames community not far from Iowa State University, our Ames Clinic team is ready to welcome you. Our providers come from many different backgrounds to ensure we are able to help support your needs in the best way possible. Whether you are looking for mental health counseling for yourself or your child, help with medication, couples counseling, or family therapy — we’ve got you. From the first moment you pick up the phone or walk through our doors, we promise to treat you with empathy, compassion, and respect. 

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Monday thru Friday
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515 Grand Ave #101
Ames, IA 50010

Get direction for your life!

When fighting fair, it is important to deal with hurt, pain and frustration in that moment. Try not to bring up anything from the past.

Many people come to art therapy because they feel stuck in their healing process and journey. Maybe talk therapy didn't work well for them. They feel like they have talked and reasoned, explained, and told their experiences and yet - they are not finding relief.

The most common image people have of this disorder is a fear of germs, but that is only one type.