Chelsea Cheney, tLMFT


Chelsea Cheney, tLMFT works with a wide variety of issues including marriage or relationship conflicts, parenting and co-parenting, depression, anxiety, women’s issues, and spirituality issues. She primarily sees people ages 16 and up, but does have availability to work with children as young as eight years old if needed.

Knows how to achieve peace

In her time being a stay-at-home mom, Chelsea had made the assumption that she only needed to take care of others in order to be happy. However, she soon realized that this is not the case. She needed to be taking care of herself as well. Learning to do this brought her happiness and peace. For this reason, she makes it a priority to create a safe place for others so they can explore their own desires for growth.

Often, she has individuals that want to change those around them. Chelsea helps them recognize that peace comes from within, especially when they are able to manage their own emotions. We all have choices in our circumstances, and she strives to help people see that.

A compassionate environment

Chelsea knows there is worth and value in every individual she encounters. A person’s past does not determine otherwise. Witnessing people discover the good in themselves is her favorite part of her work. She focuses on creating a safe environment for people to explore the difficult things in life. Above all, she is empathetic and compassionate. Everyone that goes to therapy is putting themselves in a vulnerable spot. It requires them to talk about hard things, and she wants them to know they aren’t alone. They are understood and respected. Chelsea values exploring past history and perspectives to understand why they are who they are. She firmly believes that all behavior makes sense within a context.

Empowering others

Her motivation each day is a direct result of her desire to be a part of what she considers a sacred stewardship. She has an intimate look into the lives of others, and she feels honored to do so. Because of the personal satisfaction she has gained from better understanding herself, she strives to help others get to that same point of freedom and peace.

She loves seeing people graduate from therapy with the proper skills and tools to manage whatever life throws at them. Similarly, she enjoys when couples who were previously struggling leave therapy with a stronger bond than before.

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Areas of Expertise

Couples, Marriage Issues, Relationship Conflict, Parenting/Co-Parenting, Depression, Anxiety, Women’s Issues, Spirituality Issues

Education & Training

Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2020
Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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