Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy, 2015
Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, IA

Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Minor in Environmental Studies, 2001
Iowa State University, Ames, IA


Relationship Conflict, Childhood Behavioral Problems, Parenting/Co-Parenting, Communication Skills, Family Distress, Depression, Trauma
Nicholas D'Amico, TLMFT

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Meet Nick

Nick has worked with families and youth for several years in a variety of settings. He has extensive experience supporting struggling families and individuals in crisis involving issues like abuse, anger, delinquency, trauma, depression, and relationship distress.

Nick employs a strength-based, family systems approach that fosters hope and happiness by empowering clients. He is passionate about helping couples enrich and strengthen their relationships. He works to guide families towards harmony, and supporting youth as they overcome the impacts of trauma and dysfunction.

In his spare time Nick enjoys hiking and spending time with family.


Mental Health Tips From Nick

Increasing Emotional Availability
Men's Mental Health
Nicholas D'Amico, MA, LMFT

How to Increase Your Emotional Availability

Getting to the point where you can consistently be emotionally available for your partner can be a difficult path and there is much that goes into it. One of the most important ingredients is self-esteem. It is hard and painfully difficult to let someone else inside the castle walls if we don’t like what is in there.

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paternal postnatal depression
Men's Mental Health
Nicholas D'Amico, MA, LMFT

New fathers can struggle with Postnatal Depression too.

For many men struggling with Paternal Postnatal Depression (PPND), the feelings of sadness quickly get entwined with other complicated emotions. In many situations this condition goes untreated. Men are often taught to hide sadness, pain, and other emotions. Expressing the feelings associated with PPND feels like weakness.

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emotionally unavailable spouse
Nicholas D'Amico, MA, LMFT

Are you Emotionally Available to Your Spouse?

We place our partners outside of an unbreakable wall of silence when we are not emotionally available. It’s hard to trust the fella on the other side of wall if he refuses to open the door. A lasting and durable trust can only built when both people are inside the walls.

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