Helping the Helpers

Healthcare Workers are Helpers

Healthcare workers need a safe space to talk through their feelings and the toll this pandemic has taken on their mental health. These are the people who have held the hands and hearts of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and their families.

Fostering Healing as a Foster Parent

foster parenting

Kids do not know how to communicate their experience. They do not know how to explain the survival strategies that have become normal for them, but are so obviously wrong in this new home. It can be exhausting to navigate.

Living Bipolar

Living Bipolar

With bipolar disorder, your mood can change between the extremes of mania and depression, and ruminating thoughts often follow an all-or-nothing pattern. In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to convince yourself things will never get better. The good news is you don’t have to believe it.

Caring for Foster Children during COVID-19

Caring for Foster Children

We have an opportunity during this strange time to paint a new picture of what coping with stress looks like for children in foster care who are often the victims of trauma, abuse, and neglect.

Substance Abuse Affects the Entire Family

Parental Substance Abuse

Mental health and substance abuse struggles are common everywhere. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are or where you live. We often hear from the media about consequences of these struggles and what children can expect in their futures. But, what we don’t hear enough of is the recovery and resiliency of children.

Attention New Moms: Your Mental Health Matters Too

Maternal Mental Health

If you have a bad cough or high fever you call your doctor and schedule an appointment. Right? Most likely, you would do so without thinking twice. So, why should you suffer in silence if you are an new or expecting mom and struggling with your mental health? You don’t have to suffer or feel guilty or ashamed.

Don’t Put Your Life on Pause for COVID-19

pausing life for COVID-19

What I’ve come to realize is that we cannot pause life in good times or bad times. I have heard phrases like “wait it out,” “stay home until this date,” and “we’ll get back to our lives soon”. This creates an unhealthy expectation that we can resume life as normal once COVID-19 ends.

Surviving Quarantine with Significant Other

Surviving Quarantine with your Partner

Today, you and many others, are likely telecommuting to work and seeing you family more in one week than perhaps you had in the previous year. If you are in a committed romantic relationship, then this time of self-quarantining has some important considerations.

Helpers Need Help Too

Healthcare Worker

As a healthcare worker you are familiar with high stress environments, anxiety provoking situations, and job performance pressure. But, you are still human and the current crisis is unlike anything we have ever faced before in our generation.