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Redefining Success
Mindfulness and Meditation

How to Redefine Success

We don’t start and stop living based solely on completing an accomplishment. These are milestones that are a reflection of your hard work and dedication, but you are so much more than just the things you do.

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Increasing Emotional Availability
Love and Relationships

How to Increase Your Emotional Availability

Getting to the point where you can consistently be emotionally available for your partner can be a difficult path and there is much that goes into it. One of the most important ingredients is self-esteem. It is hard and painfully difficult to let someone else inside the castle walls if we don’t like what is in there.

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Being Mindful
Mindfulness and Meditation

Why You Should Stay Mindful in a Busy World

When I finally allowed myself to try being present in the here and now, I saw the benefits firsthand. Without labeling my state of being as good or bad, I found moments of peace. I realized there is a lot of beauty and growth in the present moment. For example, noticing the way the breeze feels or how the grass smells. Similarly, I found that stillness and peace can provide insight and drive progress.

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