Erin Hill, LMHC

School-Based Therapist


Bachelor of Science, Psychology, 2000
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 

Masters in Clinical Psychology, 2003
Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR


Depression, Anxiety, and Behavioral Disorders
Erin Hill, LMHC

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Meet Erin

Erin Hill, LMHC is primarily a school-based therapist and works with students and families. However, she is beginning to see more adults.


As a parent herself, Erin brings great perspective as she works with kids and families. In addition, she has experience with mental health issues in her own family. This insight also allows her to relate with parents as they work together for the mental wellbeing of the child. Erin also has a knack for communicating with kids at their level. Similarly, she brings humor into her sessions which helps them feel more comfortable around her.


The work she does is important to her. She especially enjoys forming relationships with families and kids while learning more about the things they are going through. She enjoys working with children, and she continues to admire the strength that kids display. The ability to meet them where they are makes a world of difference as they discover their path to wellness.


Erin believes that children and families have inner qualities that they are not aware of. As a therapist, she strives to help people discover these traits so they can manage, progress and thrive.

In addition, helping families discover their inner-strengths, as individuals and as a family unit, can help build resiliency as they prepare for future challenges. It is rewarding to her to witness children and their families embrace their strengths and move forward together.

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