Lily Buschette, LMSW

Virtual Therapist

Lily Buschette, LMSW is one of our virtual therapists. She enjoys working with adolescents and young adults on a variety of challenges.

Helping Others

Lily is passionate about making a positive impact on others. Whether this is offering guidance and support to someone who is overcoming an obstacle, or giving someone an extra push to reach their full potential, she is happy to help. As a naturally caring person, it’s important to her that people are comfortable, especially when they are being vulnerable.

For Lily, providing therapy is more than just listening and teaching coping skills. It’s also about taking an interest, asking questions, and truly learning about a person. You never know what a person has gone through just by looking at them, which is an invaluable perspective. Each story matters, and there is no place for judgement in the therapeutic experience.

End the Stigma

Additionally, normalizing mental health services is very important to Lily. Like many of us, she’s experienced firsthand what mental health challenges can be like for individuals and their loved ones. Empathy is a large part of her motivation, because our commonalities as human beings are easy things to forget. While each person is unique in their experiences, none of us are alone in them. Lily knows that starting the conversation about mental health can influence someone to reach out for help. In turn, it can can truly change another person’s life.

To schedule an appointment with Lily Buschette, LMSW reach out to us at 888-336-9661.

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Areas of Expertise

Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, and Life Transitions

Education & Training

Master of Social Work, 2021
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

BS, Psychology, 2018
Iowa State University, Ames, IA

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