Tim Griem, LISW

Therapist, Senior Clinical Supervisor

Tim Griem, LISW works with clients of all ages and diagnoses, and especially enjoys working with children on the autism spectrum.

Grateful for the opportunity to help others

An office job could feel like a mundane life to others, but for Tim it is full of joy and rewarding experiences. He feels that the opportunity to be a part of client change and life improvement is comparable to receiving one million dollars. Utilizing the talents he has been blessed with to help others is important to him, and not done for recognition.

Non-judgmental and strengths-focused approach

He works with patients using a strengths-focused approach. Everyone has value in his eyes, and this belief allows him to see the good in all people. A unique trait of his is long term memory. In other words, he remembers his clients after long periods of time, even years. This allows him to pick right back up in therapy.

He also values love rather than judgement, and acknowledges that each individual has challenges, including himself. Some of his own grief involves hardships in employment or the loss of loved ones. In turn, Tim has the ability to feel empathy for his clients, no matter what their situation may be. These shared experiences allow his clients to connect to him better as he helps them to realize that everyone deals with and works through trials.

A lifelong learner

In addition, Tim tries to be as useful as possible to patients through continued learning. His holistic approach to therapy includes the belief that there is more than one appropriate form of treatment. He is passionate about discovering which treatment works best for them, and spends a lot of time doing medical research. Seeing a positive progression in his patients is very rewarding for Tim. He feels especially blessed when clients reach out, even after decades, to thank him for the work they did together.


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Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Behavior Modification, and Narrative Therapy

Education & Training

Masters of Arts, Social Work, 1991
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 1987
Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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