Change can be scary.

"It takes a lot of strength to come to therapy for the first time, and I would be honored to join you as you seek positive change in your life. Change is scary, but therapy shouldn’t be."

You deserve to be heard.

"All people deserve to feel heard and understood. It's much easier to plant a tree when you have a shovel to dig the hole. Mental health and wellness is the same way. Having the proper tools will give you an advantage as you overcome obstacles."

Focus on a plan.

"Together we can focus on a plan that is right for your current circumstances and future goals. By providing medication management and brief supportive therapy at each session, we not only work towards reducing your symptoms with medications, but work towards improving your overall wellbeing."

You have value.

"Everyone can benefit from therapy. Life doesn't always have to be hard. You have value and you are capable of improvement and growth. And as you learn to understand and accept yourself through therapy, you are better able to understand and accept others. "

Get direction for your life!

Children's Mental Health

Parents, guardians, teachers and counselors all play a role in identifying when a child may need extra support.

Yoga and Mindfulness

The elements of yoga and mindfulness help us to reconnect our mind and body.

Therapy for Families

Therapy offers families a supportive way to develop or maintain functional relationships.

Mental Wellness Workplae

Every organization is unique in its current state of mental health. Some companies have nothing in place, while others have tried a few different things.

ADHD adults

ADHD is commonly associated with children, but that doesn't mean you can't be diagnosed as an adult.

suicide is painful

As the stress of life and living in the world continues to build, you may have wondered if it’s worth it to continue. Trauma, tragedy and grief can become so overwhelming that your brain brain does not know how to make sense of it. Sometimes even day-to-day living can just seem like too much. It […]

Unleash your Potential!

We Believe all people are capable of growth and change — mental health does not define anyone. Every person already has everything they need to be the best version of themselves. We’re here to unlock it.

Our Purpose is to make a real, lasting difference in the mental health of the individuals, families, and communities we serve.

We're Here for you

Our team includes licensed therapists, counselors, and psychiatric nurse practitioners who strive to care for you as a whole person — whether virtually or in person. People do not live in isolation. Relationships, family, and the workplace all impact a person’s health. We promise to:

Invest in your wellbeing

We promise to recognize the unique goodness of each and every person. We will be attentive and show that we care deeply about your progress.

Tackle the Tough Issues

We are not afraid to deal with the underlying struggles that impact behavior. We will be fearless in our intent and willing to ask the hard questions and help with difficult issues that stand in the way of you living your best life.

Increase capability

We make sure that each person that comes into our care leaves stronger and more capable. We openly share tools, skills, and knowledge to help you gain insight and realize your full potential.