Amy Heinsius

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Amy joined Covenant Family Solutions as an Administrative Assistant in 2018. Since then, she was promoted to Senior Administrative Assistant, and now Credentialing Specialist. In her current role, Amy ensures that all providers are up to date on their credentials and licensure.


Amy brings years of experience working with people. In past roles she has worked in healthcare settings, but Amy has always had a passion for mental health specifically. Her passion for mental health stemmed from her experiences dealing with it personally and in those close to her. Further, these experiences helped her to recognize the importance of helping others and opening up about our challenges. She believes that if someone is struggling, they deserve to be listened to.


In her previous role, Amy was the first point of contact for many clients. She helped to shape the beginning of someone’s therapy experience. Now that she is working behind the scenes, she will be able to extend that kindness to her coworkers and providers in a new setting.

Amy has always been a great resource for people who aren’t sure where to begin. For example, she maintains knowledge of all of our services and resources, and can answer questions about all of them.

Outside of work, Amy can be found spending time with her family, their dogs, and going for long runs. Additionally, Amy has volunteered at a nonprofit organization called Dogs Forever since 2011.

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When people who have experienced racism seek mental healthcare, they are not only struggling with the fear of being unable to find a provider who can understand their experience, they are also coping with the very real fear of discrimination.

Therapy offers families a supportive way to develop or maintain functional relationships.

It is absolutely normal to have days when you feel down and not excited about what lies ahead, especially in the deep cold of winter. However, if this feeling lasts for days at a time it may be time to reach out for help.