Kara Larson is the Executive Assistant over Financing. This role includes managing purchase requests, bill pay, budgets, and other financial responsibilities. 

Self-motivated and loves to learn

Prior to joining Covenant Family Solutions, Kara worked for 15 years in the banking industry and 25 years in customer service. She is resourceful and continues to learn. For instance, a lot of her current skillsets were self-taught. In addition, she was responsible for training colleagues in many of her previous positions. She prides herself in being a quick learner, which is especially helpful because her job is constantly evolving.

Normalize Mental Health

Kara’s passion for mental health comes from mental health issues that she herself, and her loved ones, have experienced. Her belief is that anyone who struggles with mental health to have access to help. She is also supportive of the movement to normalize mental health. She knows that many individuals, including adolescents, suffer even more when they are not taken seriously. Some of her personal efforts include helping others to problem-solve or find necessary resources.


Kara loves an environment with teamwork and collaboration. It makes her happy to work in a place where everyone is willing to pitch in and get the job done. She considers herself to be a people person, and enjoys being around others. She also enjoys brainstorming new strategies and improving various processes in the workplace. Similarly, helping others up and offering support when they need it is important to her. This applies in her personal life and with her colleagues.


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