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Mental Health Medications

Medications can help to lessen some of the risks associated with severe mental health conditions.

Offering Support Suicidal Ideation

Suicide is in no one’s go-to method of dealing with a problem, so if they are experiencing suicidal ideation, chances are that they tried their best to come up with other solutions and haven’t been able to.


The truth is, establishing and enforcing your boundaries is an act of kindness. It prevents you from having the feelings of resentment or annoyance toward people important to you. It also allows you to respect your own needs which in turn create a healthier you.

Authentic Self

Authenticity is linked to happiness and it is also the foundation of creating healthy relationships. We can cultivate authenticity and live true to our own personality, spirit, and character at any moment.

Couples Communication

The wonderful thing about this method is that it requires no speaking and no special skills. It doesn’t even require your partner to be present! But I have seen over and over again that it can truly change and significantly improve the nature of communication in a relationship.


Boundaries establish what is or isn’t acceptable within a friendship. This may be keeping a secret or accepting when someone says no.

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Mental Health Q&A

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Jeremiah Kats, LMHC, NCC discusses what a diagnosis means for your child. Often stigmatized, some parents view a diagnosis as a negative thing, and in some cases they might not seek treatment in order to avoid a diagnosis. Learn more about what it means to be diagnosed, and why it’s a great thing for your child if they are struggling.

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